EcoFlow Delta mini Portable Power Station

The lightest DELTA model, designed for portability.
Large 882Wh capacity (73Ah@12V) to power through almost any situation.
Powerful 1400W output for 90% of appliances & power 9 devices at once.
1.6 hours X-Stream fast charging.
300W solar input, recharge in 2.5 hours.
Power multiple devices.
Now the best part: The EcoFlow will show how much solar you’re bringing in and how many watts your slow cooker and mini-fridge are pulling. You will also be able to connect it to the internet and control it from anywhere.

This kit features:

1. DELTA Mini Solar Power Station

2. DC 5521 to DC 5525 Cable

3. Solar, AC and Car Charging Cables

4.Quick Start Guide



Other accessories

1000 W Renogy Inverter


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