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At Kata, our passion lies in embracing the great outdoors lifestyle. We understand the profound need to recharge, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature. That’s why, at a moment’s notice, our “Day car” transforms into a camper, allowing us to hit the road and embrace the freedom that comes with it.

Why choosing Kata

From the sleek tear-drop-shaped edging to the ingenious stability mechanisms and clever storage compartments, our conversion units are not just products; they are a testament to the artistry of camping. Quality upholstery, both fixed and removable, ensures that every journey is not just an adventure but a luxurious experience tailored to meet your everyday camping needs.

We are a collective of adventurous individuals hailing from Australia, and everything we do is infused with the spirit of the Australian landscape. With pride, we declare that every product is crafted with precision in Australia, reflecting our commitment to quality and our dedication to enhancing your outdoor experience

We recognize the significance of getaways and the innate desire to explore the beauty our country has to offer. There’s an entire world waiting to be discovered, and we firmly believe that the most enriching experiences come from travel. Nothing rivals the satisfaction derived from exploring the world, accumulating memories, and immersing oneself in the journey.

Join us on this adventure, where every product is a manifestation of our love for exploration.
Let’s embark on a journey together, where the road becomes the canvas for a lifetime of unforgettable moments and boundless discoveries.


Our engineering and production processes consist of advanced computer aided design and digital manufacturing. We design in-house, giving us full control over quality and compatibility within our systems.


Components designed to be easily removable and adaptable to the needs of different adventures. Kitchens, cabinets, beds, and hanger fittings engineered to be removed as needed.

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One team, One dream

We are united by a shared passion for travel and adventure. Each one of us plays a vital role in bringing our customers’ dream mobile homes to life.

Each member of our team brings not only their expertise but also their unwavering enthusiasm for exploring the world.
It’s this collective dedication and love for the open road that fuels our creativity and drives us to craft each conversion kit with meticulous attention to detail and genuine care.
Gus Founder
Orne Marketing
Zack Innovation & installation
Leonardo Design
Dani Design
“Our approach goes beyond selling products; we specialize in delivering customized solutions
Agus Medeiro


Romain Couturaud
22 Feb - 10:22

Highly recommend!

I am extremely satisfied with the work done by the Kata team on my 2012 Toyota Hiace van. They transformed my van into a perfect living space for traveling in Australia. Their professionalism, attentive listening to my needs, and responsiveness were exemplary. I give a perfect score of 20/20 and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to transform their vehicle into a dream space for adventure.

Kate Taeidi
15 Nov - 15:44

Best Customer Service

Gus is an absolute legend! From start to finish he was so helpful, and transformed our van into a beautiful camper. Nothing was too much trouble, he customised our fitout to meet all of our needs, and kept us informed all along the way. We highly recommend Kata, the best service we’ve experienced in a long time!

Lachlan Charter
11 Aug - 09:17

Amazing experience

I’m so impressed with the Surf box that we had made for our Transporter. I found Kata after months of hunting for the right solution for our van build . Gus is super professional to deal with and the resulting custom boxes are so perfectly made to precise measurements that it all just fit in perfectly. I sent through some measurements and Gus and his team built the drawer and boxes and shipped it all up the coast to me on a pallet . One day with a drill and a mate and the job was done. Highly recommend Kata to anyone, they will exceed your expectations.


Honored as finalists in the Australia Small Business Champion Award 2024

Dealers & Corporate partnership

We provide ongoing support to car dealers and their customers, addressing any questions or concerns promptly and ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.