Product Description

The Surfbox 1200 with an extra drawer at the back is your go-to solution for easily transporting long gear and equipment and keeping your things well organized.

All our Surfbox kits are crafted for surfers, snowboarders, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts who crave endless exploration.

Featuring a spacious drawer mounted on heavy-duty rails, you can effortlessly slide out your gear whenever needed. There’s also plenty of space for a full kitchen on the go and a convenient benchtop for preparing meals on the road. Plus, a drawer for all your kitchen utensils, ensuring you have everything you need for your meals. Behind the kitchen drawer, you’ll find an extra compartment perfect for housing a second battery system or, for additional storage space.

Finally, it features an expanding sleeping space for a 190×140 cm queen-sized bed.

Get ready to hit the waves, conquer the slopes, or explore the great outdoors – this kit is your ultimate companion for adventure on the road and more. 🚐🌊🏄‍♂️


Surfbox 1200 with Extra Drawer

LARGE ITEMSSurfboxSurfbox 1200
Surfbox 1200 with Extra Drawer

Measurements (WxHxL)
1200mm x 410mm x 1900 mm | 175 kg

Configure your Kit

Swivelling Lagun Table Leg System


Wheel Arches Cover


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Acacia Table & Front Drawers


Pine Table & Front Drawers


Unique Features (included in this kit)

Waterproof Material

16 mm Laminated Plywood.

Extra Storage Drawer

600mm | 80 kg
The extra drawer locks in place when closed and fully extended.

Kitchen Drawer + Benchtop

1200mm | 180kg
The kitchen drawer includes a cutlery drawer and a fold-out kitchen table.

Sleeping | Seating Area

1400mm (W) x 1900 mm (L)
Including a removable/sliding bed to create a seating area.

Extra Space

Perfect to store large items such as bikes, snowboards, or surfboards

Wheel Arch Cover

The wheel arch covers are available in different widths that are best suited for different vehicles. Trimming may be required.

Whether you want to add extra features, adjust dimensions, or personalize the design...

Interact with the kit

How to get it


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Got Questions?

Building a Surfbox may vary from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the season. As soon as your order is confirmed, we’ll get to work.
Yes, as all our standard kits are easy to install, also can be easily removed and stored for your next adventure. (Always better with a mate’s help) ;)
All our Kata Kits come with a lifetime cabinetry guarantee, if you have any problem just contact us and we’ll fix it! As for our hardware, gadgets, and appliances choices, will depend on each manufacturer.
If you have more questions about our guarantee politics go to our “Guarantee” section on our FAQs page.
What makes the Surfbox special is its capacity to store long-size items. Surfboards, snowboards, and even bikes. Of course, it also has the distinctive Kata perk of being highly compactable.
The number of each model corresponds to the width measurement of each van.
Yes, absolutely! At Kata, we understand that every camper’s needs and preferences are unique. That’s why we offer customization options for our kits. Whether you want to add extra features, adjust dimensions, or personalize the design to better suit your specific requirements, we’re here to help make your Vanbox kit perfect for you. Go to our custom section or simply contact our customer service team to discuss your customization options and preferences.
If you have a Van:
1) Measure in between the wheel arches 2) Measure in-between the walls 3) Measure total Length – to make sure the length fits. If you have a SUV: